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Akashic Records Reading & Clearing

This soul reading and clearing session in the Akashic Records is an amazing eye-opening experience, which reveals your life purpose and explains how you’re wired on a soul level. It’ll open up your awareness of your Soul’s true nature and make way for a fuller expression of your Divine gifts and power in aspects of your life. The light this session brings to all aspects of your being is incredibly healing.

Psychotherapy & Coaching

Psychotherapy supports the development of self-awareness to unconscious thoughts and behaviors which helps you gain new insights and perspectives of your unique nature and your approach to life, thus increasing your ability to adjust and cope with challenging circumstances.

Reiki Energy Healing

Healing is about returning to a state of wholeness on all levels; physical, mental, emotional, spiritual. It enables us to remember who we are and eliminate any blockages that stand between us and our true eternal nature. The reiki healing sessions work on all different human energetic bodies and when these are balanced and cleared, we experience a sense of inner peace and lasting harmony that leads to a state of balance and joy, regardless of environment. 

Property Reading & Clearing

When we enter a new space, we can often get a strong sense of the energy within it. We know that some spaces can feel calming, soothing, warm and welcoming, whereas others can feel really uncomfortable, draining or even spooky. That’s because emotions and highly charged events leave energy traces within a space. Fortunately, we can shift the energy of any space, and clear out all negativity, so your house will feel light, comfortable and completely yours.

Tarot Card Readings

Tarot reading is a mystical and powerful art that has been practiced for thousands of years to peer into the past, present, and future. It’s a practical and resourceful tool of inspiration, empowerment and clarity. Tarot will give you access to a universal source of information and transform, empower and support you to navigate life’s ups and downs. A reading can help you to understand your own heart and what you desire, and then show you how to get there.

Learn to Manifest

Each Soul has a unique way to manifest its human experience. Conscious choice and self-awareness allows your Soul to express your divine nature in this human experience. We are always manifesting and creating our life, but if you know how your Soul is designed to manifest, then you will have more conscious control in discerning which actions that will create positive results for yourself.

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