Reiki Energy Healing

An all-round healing modality with
lasting results

Reiki will support you in releasing unwanted and challenging thought patterns and emotional blockages. Combined with powerful physical healing, this is a wonderful way for people who are seeking to shift into a new, evolved way of being, with more clarity, peace and harmony in their lives.

These healing sessions are highly recommended for anyone experiencing problems with their body physically. Reiki can be performed in parallel with normal allopathic medicine and this greatly supports and enhances the healing process.

Energy healing is also very beneficial for children and even babies recovering after birth because it is so gentle and soothing.

Reiki energy sessions can support you to maintain emotional, mental, physical and spiritual balance in your life. 

Reiki aids relaxation and supports the body’s natural healing processes to develop emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being.

Healing is about returning to a state of wholeness

Healing enables us to remember who we are and eliminate any blockages that stand between us and our true eternal nature.

Reiki works on all the various human energetic bodies to achieve states of health and well-being. When our energetic bodies are in balance and clear, we experience a sense of inner peace and lasting harmony that leads to joyful states of being, regardless of the external environment. 

These healing sessions are powerful and individuals experience significant and lasting results on all levels; physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Which issues can Reiki energy healing ​
help with?

  • physical pain
  • emotional pain
  • general dis-ease
  • emotional stress
  • chakra balancing
  • psychic healing
  • general energizing and boost of energy

Every healing session is unique and works with each individual’s energy differently. The soothing and very relaxing, hands-on healing session brings in pure and healing energy for both physical and emotional healing.

Some clients prefer to have a series of sessions in order to focus on a particular issue. For instance, some choose to get a bi-weekly/monthly “tune-up” –  sort of subscription-based, to make sure they stay balanced and clear in their frequency.

Some prefer a daily intensive session for a week and then come for monthly follow-ups on an ongoing basis or a limited period of time.

Please feel free and contact me if you have any questions or concerns about a specific issue that I can help you with before you decide on how to proceed with your treatments.

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