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Learn to manifest what you want

Each Soul has a unique way to manifest its human experience. Conscious choice and self-awareness allows your Soul to express your divine nature in this human experience. We are always manifesting and creating our life, but if you know how your Soul is designed to manifest, then you will have more conscious control in discerning which actions that will create positive results for yourself.

We are all competent at manifesting. We may not think we are, but the truth is, every choice we make is an act of manifestation which has a range of consequences. But for most, this process is mostly unconscious and we don’t always know how we are creating, what we are creating or why our manifestations don’t deliver the results we desire.

A Manifesting Blueprint Reading can be the beginning of a new and impactful journey of self-discovery to understand how you can be the powerful creator of your reality.

• Greater awareness of how to manifest what you want
• Take actions that are aligned with your soul
• A new level of effectiveness
• Attract positive and fulfilling relationships
• Manifest wealth or business success

Discover your unique method of manifesting by unlocking the secrets within your Soul’s Blueprint

In this reading, we will discover where you currently are in relation to your Soul’s Blueprint, and learn tools to shift your vibrational state into closer alignment with your divine self-expression and step fully into being the conscious creator of what you desire in your life.

Your Soul Manifesting Blueprint will reveal all those areas of your life where you can consciously manifest new and more positive outcomes. Having the guidelines and tools to support your conscious and deliberate thoughts, intentions and actions will empower you to take your manifestation capabilities to the next level with greater ease.

There are seven keys to physical manifestation, and when these seven keys are perfectly aligned you will have a clear path to unlock your true manifesting power.

How I work
Send me a message and let’s schedule a Reading. Prior to your reading, I will access your Akashic Records to check to see how aligned your present life is to your Soul’s Manifesting Blueprint.

The consultation is 75mins

Your potential is limitless. You are unique, valuable, capable, and worthy of the dreams in your heart. Most of all, you have what it takes to transform and transcend whatever challenges you face.

– Marie Forleo

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